martedì 23 marzo 2010

Luna crescente, trippa calante

Secondo le stime della Meat & Livestock Australia il prezzo della trippa è diminuto del 13% a 2.08 dollari australiani al chilo in concomitanza del nuovo anno lunare asiatico, celebrato a Hong Kong, in Cina e in Vietnam. Ecco l'articolo completo riportato dal quotidiano "Meat Trade News Daily":
Beef offal prices in February generally improved from the previous month, thanks to tighter supplies on the back of sharply lower cattle slaughter. Australian adult cattle slaughter declined 10% year-on-year in January – to 497,000 head, underpinned by significant and widespread rainfall events, as well as the continuation of difficult export conditions for processors (ABS). However, average prices for most edible offals still remained below a year earlier, with the high A$ – 37% higher against both the US$ and HK$, and 34% higher against the yen – keeping a lid on FOB prices (Infoscan). Japanese offal prices improved from the previous month, thanks to low-stockpiles in the market. However, rumen pillars ($4.78 500-700gms) still averaged 26% lower year-on-year, while thick skirts ($3.68/kg), thin skirts ($3.69/kg) and swiss-cut tongues ($9.98) fell 4%, 6% and 16% year-on-year, respectively (MLA’s Monthly Co-products Monitor). Prices for popular Korean offals showed some improvement, remaining steady or flat with the previous year in February. Cheekmeat averaged $3.24/kg in February, while tails ($4.30/kg) and tendons ($4.75/kg) were 13% and 7%, respectively, higher year-on-year. Prices rose despite a continued reluctance among Korean buyers to build large inventories, with Chinese buyers reportedly driving competition for product. Offals with high collection rates such as livers ($1.11/kg) and hearts ($1.57/kg) improved relative to both the previous month and a year earlier, thanks to increased Russian buying – although prices remain unimpressive in a historical sense. Tripe prices fell 13% to $2.08/kg, with trade slow over the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. Halal offal prices moved away from the higher trend exhibited by other offals, as rumours about possible government restrictions on offal imports disrupted trade. Halal hearts ($1.53/kg), kidneys ($0.94/kg), tails ($4.28/kg) and tripe pieces ($2.20/kg) all averaged cheaper in February, falling 25%, 11%, 7% and 21% year-on-year, while liver prices were flat at $1.18/kg.

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