sabato 19 ottobre 2013

Chiamali scemi...

Un articolo pubblicato sul sito Cap News riporta una curiosa ricerca scientifica effettuata in un centinaio di uffici secondo la quale gli impiegati mangiano qualunque cibo venga lasciato gratis a disposizione di chi passa. Fra questi avanzi anche la trippa, con tanto di cartello "Mangiami!", che è scomparsa dal tavolo della mensa in meno di un'ora.

A new study out of the Pew Research Center shows that the average American office worker will eat anything put in front of him or her, as long as it's free of charge. The study, conducted surreptitiously at more than 100 offices across the country, presented office workers with such meals as haggis, tripe and soft-boiled fetal duck, which is considered a delicacy in Vietnam and the Philippines. In each case, the meal was left in a well-traveled area (lunchroom, conference room, on a file cabinet, etc.) along with a sign such as Tripe - Please Eat! "The results were fascinating," said Dr. Francis Spitznagel of the Pew Center. "No matter what the time of day, in every case, the dish was clean in less than an hour." [...] In the second phase of the study, food was left without any type of identifying sign. "And we made sure it was also completely unrecognizable as foodstuff," said Dr. Spitznagel, noting that in one case they left a metal pot full of the pink meat paste used to make chicken nuggets - also known as mechanically separated poultry - along with a spoon and a stack of Styrofoam bowls. "It was gone in an hour and a half," said Spitznagel. [...] By contrast, when even very desirable food, like Godiva chocolates or filet mignon, was put out with a sign asking for a small donation - say, 50 cents or a dollar - the food was almost universally ignored, except by people who would take it without paying. Then, when the snacks had turned hard and grey, the donation sign would be removed and the food would be gone within hours.

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